The Wild Coast, also known as the Transkei, is a 250 kilometre long stretch of rugged and unspoiled coastline that stretches north of East London along sweeping bays, footprint-free beaches, lazy lagoons and rocky headlands. Originally encompassing the rural Transkei region only, today the Wild Coast includes the pretty seaside villages of the Jikeleza Route that run south along the coastline between the Kei River and East London.The Transkei section of the Wild Coast is rural South Africa at its best and the roads to the coast lead the visitor through the Xhosa heartland, a stunning landscape of rolling green hills dotted with thatched rondavels, offering interesting glimpses into a culture far removed from the stresses of modern life. Apart from Port St Johns and Coffee Bay, most villages north of the Kei River  are made up of only a handful of fisherman’s cottages, the occasional backpacker hostel and the odd hotel….–

I always wondered why people who came from Eastern Cape spoke about home with such longing and love. Having visited many times now, I now talk about this remarkable part of our country with longing and love too. The beauty is unsurpassed and, although the poverty is dire, there seems to be dignity and gentleness to the way people live. In other words, the polar opposite of city life. I’ve reveled in astonishing nature reserves, soaked up the Transkei’s stirring history, ridden horses along the pristine beaches for days on end and enjoyed a chance to learn from locals while camping at Bulungula. If you have not visited, I encourage you to experience “God’s country” too.

Wild Coast