Journaling is the act of writing for yourself, and yourself alone. It has proven to have numerous benefits and is particularly useful for stress relief. For myself it is an opportunity to hear that still, calm voice within.

There are many ways to journal. In a stream of consciousness approach, you sit down to write whatever comes in to your head for as long as you want. You can write about your activities, decisions you are facing, things that scare you… You can use your journal for doodling or drawing.

I love having access to a beautifully covered journal and, over the years, I’ve filled so many. Going looking for my next journal is such fun, but there are also helpful electronic apps available these days. The key is to do whatever works for you.

If you want to try something different look in to U Journalling or Morning Pages. You could also experiment with using different hands, for example write a question with your dominant hand and then the answer that comes to you with your other hand.