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The Grace of Growing Down

The gift of passing the midway point in our lives is the call, that becomes increasingly louder, to grow down. Whatever we have or have not achieved, we are on an undeniable downhill trajectory – and therein lies relief. We no longer have to pursue the relentless uphill slog, the pushing striving and achieving, for […]

The Unseen Too Is Real

What does it mean to live a soulfull life? Something that a man in his nineties said to me has stayed with me ever since we talked over a year ago. His answer was, “It is living as though the unseen too is real.” He shared this after telling the story of his brother who […]

Reflections on Re-membering

I shared these thoughts at an online memorial that I facilitated recently. “Thich Nhat Hahn, the Vietnamese Zen Master, has observed, in his beautiful simple way, that there is, “No death, no birth, only transformation.” Similarly, grief invites us to experience that our relationship with the person that we are grieving has not come to […]

Midwifery & Dying Conference

At Soulfull Collective‘s conference on Midwifery & Death, participants collated the following lists of local resources: Training Providers • Abundant Life • Sacred Dying SA – Doula online courses. Call Mona on 076 401 6844 • www.geratecza.com • www.mindsmatter.co.za • Soula (Soul Doula) Training for birth and end of life www.robynsheldon.com • End of Life […]

Soulfull Parenting

Convention tells us that the purpose of parenting is to guide, shape or mold the next generation and, correspondingly, there’s a wealth of books and courses that we can access on ‘parenting skills’. But what if we considered that our children shape us, more than we do them? What if we opened ourselves up to […]

South Africa Loves Back

I wrote this short piece before Uyinene’s murder rocked SA and the group #ImStaying was created and my thoughts and feelings have remained the same… Recently I found myself explaining to a young black friend of mine that white South Africans are feeling especially fearful at the moment. Many are thinking earnestly about leaving and […]